Henry Gross Schools Us On Comedy (Interview #4)

Henry Gross Schools Us On Comedy (Interview #4) I first asked Henry Gross for an interview almost two years ago. He sang one of my favorite ballads from the seventies, “Shannon.” I like the song so much I wanted to name my first born Shannon. When I met my second […]

Pete Agnew (Interview) On Nazareth’s Need To Reinvent Their Covers

CLICK ON THE VIDEO https://youtu.be/d2B4aSBmb8s Nazareth’s Pete Agnew On Love For joni Mitchell & “This Flight Tonight” (#4) Nazareth wrote most of their own songs there were a lot of retooled covers like Leon Russell’s “Alcatraz” and “Vigilante Man” by Woody Guthrie from 1973’s “Razamanaz.” They did Randy Newman’s “Guilty” […]

Three Philly Teen Idols and Great Friends – Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon & Fabian (Interview #3)

https://youtu.be/xSQ3nfqtWQ4   (interview #3) Three Philly Teen Idols and Great Friends – Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon & Fabian Between these three Philadelphia boys there were 37 hits on the US Top 40 charts. Fabian with seven, Frankie Avalon with eleven and Bobby Rydell at 19. There must have been something […]

Nazareth’s Pete Agnew On The Day They Lost Drummer Darrell Sweet

Pete Agnew Of Nazareth On The Day Drummer Darrell Sweet Died (#3) I am a big Nazareth fan. For me it started with their third album “Razamanaz” from 1973 that was produced by Deep Purple’s Roger Glover. He also produced “Loud ‘n’ Proud” and co-produced “Rampant” with Nazareth guitarist guitarist […]

Interview: Henry Gross Looks Back At The King – Elvis Presley

Henry Gross On the Wonderment Of Elvis (Interview Clip #3) I’ve always loved the history of music. I first discovered that consciously when I got into Elton John in his prime in the seventies. I had fallen in love with this artists music and was pleasantly surprised when I found […]

INTERVIEW: Bobby Rydell On His Friendship With the Great Buddy Rich

(#2) Bobby Rydell On His Friendship With the Great Buddy Rich Bobby Rydell was a teen idol before my time. I was around but just a baby when he had hits like :Wild One” and “Volare” in 1960 and “Forget Him” three years later. All three sold a million copies. […]

Steve Porcaro On The Secrets To Their Second Album “Hydra” – Interview #11

We talked to Toto’s Steve Porcaro for an inside look at one of the bands most adventurous album ever and some of the very interesting secrets to the making of the album. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO VIA THE LINK BELOW https://youtu.be/mS1H22vkuAM (Interview #11) Steve Porcaro On The Big Secret Behind […]

Steve Lukather Talks About Toto Not Being In The Rock Hall Of Fame

Check out the video below (15)Steve Lukather Address’ Toto Not Being In Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame I’m not going to name all the performers who are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet but Toto ain’t there. I asked Toto’s Steve Lukather about it. Go […]

Caleb Quaye Reflect On Exciting Early Elton Days & What Led to Him Leaving

Check out the video below In part #8 of our interview series with former Elton John guitarist Caleb Quaye we look at the exciting early days and what led him to leave. HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR T-SHIRTS, MUGS ETC https://teespring.com/stores/rock-history-music-store?page=1 John Beaudin has been in […]

Steve Lukather: All the Deaths In Rock Have Hurt – Interview #15

Check out the video below (16) Toto’s Steve Lukather Says All The Rock Deaths have Changed His Perspective on Live In 2016 we felt like we were doing an tribute/obituary at least once a week. And the two years since haven’t been much better. Steve Lukather and I talked about […]