Bob Dylan Reprimands His Audience at a Vienna Show

Bob Dylan Reprimands The Audience at a Show In Vienna April 17, 2019 – The “no photo” thing at concerts has been becoming a thing for quite a while now. I was at a Heart concert 4-5 years ago and when taking a video the shortest/oldest woman I’ve ever seen […]

Henry Gross Talks Bob Dylan and His Love of Classic Comedy – Interview Clip #8

Check out the video on YouTube Henry Gross Talks Bob Dylan and His Love of Classic Comedy (#8) Jan 3 As I’ve mentioned in this series before there are musicians that I’ve interviewed that I’ve found fascinating. When it came time to music growing up I liked the friends who […]

Pete Agnew (Interview) On Nazareth’s Need To Reinvent Their Covers

CLICK ON THE VIDEO Nazareth’s Pete Agnew On Love For joni Mitchell & “This Flight Tonight” (#4) Nazareth wrote most of their own songs there were a lot of retooled covers like Leon Russell’s “Alcatraz” and “Vigilante Man” by Woody Guthrie from 1973’s “Razamanaz.” They did Randy Newman’s “Guilty” […]

INTERVIEW: Elliott Murphy Plays His Music On His Own Terms

INTERVIEW CLIP #1 Elliott Murphy Embraces Music On His Own Terms In the seventies I had a friend who introduced me to Elliott Murphy. I remember he said, “You should really get to know this guy…he’s the next big thing. He’s been compared to Bob Dylan” The album he lent […]