Five Rockstars With Very Famous Fathers

January 15, 2022 – We’ve all heard about the actor who changes their last name to avoid comparisons to mom and dad. It can be hard to live up to past greatness in one’s lineage. The same happens in music and, for that matter, most professions. In this video we […]

All Musician Miss Being Home LRB’s Glenn Shorrock Made It a Hit

Interview Clip #5- All Musician Miss Home LRB’s Glenn Shorrock Made It a Hit June 15, 2019 – There is a song on Little River Band’s third album “Diamantina Cocktail” that a hit in a few countries but was not a hit in their native Australia or even north America. […]

Bob Dylan Reprimands His Audience at a Vienna Show

Bob Dylan Reprimands The Audience at a Show In Vienna April 17, 2019 – The “no photo” thing at concerts has been becoming a thing for quite a while now. I was at a Heart concert 4-5 years ago and when taking a video the shortest/oldest woman I’ve ever seen […]

Henry Gross Talks Bob Dylan and His Love of Classic Comedy – Interview Clip #8

Check out the video on YouTube Henry Gross Talks Bob Dylan and His Love of Classic Comedy (#8) Jan 3 As I’ve mentioned in this series before there are musicians that I’ve interviewed that I’ve found fascinating. When it came time to music growing up I liked the friends who […]

Pete Agnew (Interview) On Nazareth’s Need To Reinvent Their Covers

CLICK ON THE VIDEO Nazareth’s Pete Agnew On Love For joni Mitchell & “This Flight Tonight” (#4) Nazareth wrote most of their own songs there were a lot of retooled covers like Leon Russell’s “Alcatraz” and “Vigilante Man” by Woody Guthrie from 1973’s “Razamanaz.” They did Randy Newman’s “Guilty” […]

INTERVIEW: Elliott Murphy Plays His Music On His Own Terms

INTERVIEW CLIP #1 Elliott Murphy Embraces Music On His Own Terms In the seventies I had a friend who introduced me to Elliott Murphy. I remember he said, “You should really get to know this guy…he’s the next big thing. He’s been compared to Bob Dylan” The album he lent […]