Do Fans Ask Dave Bickler for Impromptu “Eye Of the Tiger” Performances?

Interview Clip #6- So Does Everyone Demand Dave Bickler Sing “Eye Of The Tiger” In Public? July 16, 2019 – As we’ve mentioned in this video series, Surrender’s “Eye of the Tiger” spent six weeks in the #1 spot and was the second biggest song of 1982 after Olivia Newton […]

So Where Is That Beret? We Asked “Eye Of the Tiger” Singer Dave Bickler

Interview Clip #4- So Where Is That Beret? We Asked “Eye Of the Tiger” Singer Dave Bickler July 2, 2019 – When I interviewed Mike Reno of Loverboy I could not help but ask him, “Where’s the bandana and leather pants? He still had them…the pants were a little tight. […]

Dave Bickler On Meeting Sylvester Stallone Via “Eye Of the Tiger”

Interview Clip #3- Dave Bickler On Meeting Sylvester Stallone Plus Eye Of the Tiger June 25, 2019 – The biggest song of 1982 was “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John but #2 was Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” When Rocky III came out everyone was singing along to that song that became […]

Could Randy Bachman Have Imagine His Rock and Roll Future?

We Asked Randy Bachman: Would Your Younger Self Believe His Future? June 8, 2019 – It’s kind of like whispering in someone’s ear, “You’re going to be President some day.” It’s too many steps, too much of a leap. Even the kids who say they’ll be President don’t really believe […]

Randy Bachman & the Excitement of Discovering His Sound In the Sixties

Interview #5 – Randy Bachman & the Excitement of Discovering His Sound In the Sixties June 4, 2019 – When you’re young you don’t know what you don’t know and that’s a good thing unless you talk to someone much older who, for whatever reason, will roll their eyes to […]

Randy Bachman: The Best Advice He Ever Received As a Guitar Player

Randy Bachman On The Best Advice He Received As a Guitar Player INTERVIEW CLIP #9 June 1, 2019 – I remember asking a very unhealthy chain smoking radio guy advice on how to get into radio in the early seventies, “Don’t” the big guy growled at me, “You’ll never make […]

Randy Bachman On The Album That Broke Up BTO: “Freeways”

Interview #4 – Randy Bachman: Why He Needed To Change BTO With “Freeways” May 28, 2019 – By the time Bachman Turner Overdrive released the album “Freeways,” their sixth studio album in February 1977 the band had nothing but hits. Ten Top 40 hits since 1973 in Canada and six […]

Randy Bachman Was Influenced by Don Messer and Tommy Hunter

Interview Clip #8 Everyone In Canada Watched Don Messer Jubilee Even Randy Bachman May 25, 2019 – In the 1960s Don Messer’s Jubilee was a staple of Canadian television along with The Tommy Hunter Show. I remember bitching about having to watch it since it was the only thing on […]

Randy Bachman Remembers The Beginning Of Rock and Roll and Elvis

Interview Clip #7 – RHC – Randy Bachman On Elvis and a Huge Rock and Roll Tornado May 18, 2019 – Whether you were born in the sixties or not everyone has that moment when things change. Perspective changes, Inspiration is overflowing. It’s usually a moment in time that changes […]

New Doobie Brothers Live CD To Feature Entire Toulouse Street Plus Captain & Me

New Doobie Brothers Live Album To Feature Entire Toulouse St. & Captain & Me May 14, 2019 – The new live album coming out June 28th is called “Live From the Beacon Theatre.” and features the group performing their second and third albums in their entirety. 1972’s “Toulouse Street” which […]