Bernie Leadon Talks About the First Eagles Hit “Take It Easy” and His Part In It

Interview Clip #3- What Bernie Leadon Did To “Take It Easy” The First Eagles Hit July 19, 2019 – That first twang of the guitar for the hit “Take It Easy” is instantly recognizable. It’s the first song off the first Eagles album from 1972 and the first tune from […]

interview: Why Bernie Leadon Is Not In the Current Version Of The Eagles?

Interview Clip #2- Was Bernie Leadon Invited Back Into The Eagles After Glenn Frey’s Death? July 12, 2019 – When I told some of the followers of this channel that I would be interviewing Bernie Leadon the biggest suggested question was why isn’t he on stage with them now? He […]

Bernie Leadon Interview: Many Signs That The Eagles Were Destined for Greatness

Clip #1 of 20- The Many Signs That The Eagles Were Destined for Greatness July 5, 2019 – Bernie Leadon left the Eagles after four albums. Those four albums made up the biggest selling album in U.S. History – “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975).” Sure their greatest album is considered “Hotel […]

Interview #6 – Bruce Hornsby Talks About the Problem With Radio

Interview Clip #6- Bruce Hornsby Talks About the Problem With Radio July 11, 2019 – Radio doesn’t really play Bruce Hornsby’s new music anymore. There’s maybe too much adventure going on there. Sure his hits “The Way it is” “Mandolin Rain” and Every Little Kiss.” get played but that’s it. […]

What Question Eagles/Glenn Frey Co-Writer Jack Tempchin Is Asked The Most?

Interview Clip 313 – What Eagles/Glenn Frey Songwriter Jack Tempchin Is Asked The Most June 30, 2019 – He wrote or co-wrote five amazing tunes for the Eagles including “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone.” It’s easy to generalize and Imagine what fans would ask him? Is it the Eagles […]

Interview #5 – Bruce Hornsby On Why Musicians Don’t Take Requests In Concert

Interview Clip #5- Bruce Hornsby On Why Musicians Don’t Take Requests In Concert July 4, 2019 – Some people travel with bands and sometimes the big complaint is “they played every single song the same way in every concert and said the same thing in between every song. Not with […]

Would Eagles: Glenn Frey Co-Writer Jack Tempchin Change Anything

12 – Would Eagles/Glenn Frey Songwriter Jack Tempchin Change Anything June 23, 2019 – It’s a question I ask everyone. Knowing what you know now would you go back and change anything. Interestingly not all the folks with a great success say, “wouldn’t change a thing” or the musicians with […]

INTERVIEW #4 -Bruce Hornsby On Elton John’s Great Respect For “The Way It Is”

Interview clip 4- Bruce Hornsby’s Appreciation To Elton John For Early Boost June 27, 2019 – When we all heard Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way it is” many of us stopped what we were doing and asked who and what is that. It was the piano again via a song with […]

Jack Tempchin On His Eagles “Already Gone” Songwriting Partner

Interview Clip #11 – Jack Tempchin On His “Already Gone” Songwriting Partner June 16, 2019 – I remember the first few Eagles albums very well. The vinyl and liner notes. I was a teenager trying to figure out, as many of you, what made these guys click. On this clip, […]

What the Eagles Glenn Frey Learned from Jack Tempchin

Interview Clip #10 – What Jack Tempchin Taught Glenn Frey Of the Eagles June 9, 2019 – Jack Tempchin was involved in writing or co-writing five Eagles tunes including two of their biggest hits “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” from the bands debut from 1972 “Already Gone” from 1974’s “On the Border.” […]