Why Does a Genesis Reunion Remind Me Of My Ex Girlfriend?

After Tony Banks and Phil Collins both refused to rule out a Genesis reunion in recent interviews, Mike Rutherford has now said he’s tentatively open to the idea.  Mike appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today to promote Mike & The Mechanics’ upcoming ninth studio album ‘Out of the Blue’ […]

Check out the video with all the music here on Facebook The Top 5 Talk Talk Hit Songs February 28, 2019 – The voice of Talk Talk Mark Hollis passed away on February 25, 2019. He was only 64. He was a perfectionist, musical genius and deep seated haunting voice […]

New Alan Parsons Album To Feature Lou Gramm & Jason Mraz

New Alan Parsons Album To Feature Jason Mraz and Lou Gramm February 8, 2019 – Parsons just released the album cover for the project “The Secret” which comes out on April 26 and says like past albums it will have musical and lyrical themes. Interestingly former Foreigner lead vocalist Lou […]

Interview #7 – You Wouldn’t Believe What Album Steve Hackett Bought First in the Early 60’s

Interview Clip #7 – Steve Hackett’s First Album Purchase Might Surprise You I’ve said it before on this channel, the first album I ever bought was Elton John’s “Madman Across the Water.” Whenever I met someone I ask almost everyone about theirs. (Clip 013) Steve Hackett’s new album is called […]

Interview #6: Steve Hackett’s Most Challenging Times As a Musician

Interview Clip #6 – Steve Hackett’s Most Challenging Times As a Musicians Looking back at Steve Hackett’s discography it’s easy to assume that’s the guitarist is always up for a challenge but I was curious about the ones that really stretched him – in and out of Genesis. (Clip 008 […]

Interview #5: Steve Hackett Had Too Many Ideas To Stay In Genesis?

#5 – Steve Hackett Had Too Many Ideas To Stay In Genesis Steve Hackett has been one of the most prolific ex-members of Genesis. His last studio album with the band was “Wind & Wuthering” from 1976. Since then, like his old prog band, he’s pushed the boundaries. (Clip 004) (Clip […]

Interview #4 Steve Hackett’s New Album Is Reaction To World Politics

https://youtu.be/gkO_cEgxiak Interview #4 – Steve Hackett’s New Album Is A Reaction to The Political World The world has changed politically and we are a divided bunch Steve Hackett got inspiration for his new album from a polarized world (Clip 001 – 2:14) We will have more of our interview with […]

Huge 50th Anniversary Woodstock Music Festival Set For Summer 2019

It looks like there will be another Woodstock concert. To celebrate the classic festivals 50th Anniversary there will be a huge re-do on the same weekend and at the same spot in New York. VISIT OUR ALBUM AND BOOK PICK AT THE ROCK HISTORY BOOK STORE https://www.amazon.com/shop/rockhistorymusic HELP SUPPORT ROCK […]

Interview #3: Steve Hackett Talks About Prog and the Tchaikovsky Connection

#3 – I asked Steve Hackett About Prog Fans As I’ve said on this channel Prog music fans are different. I should know I’m one of them. I knew Prog fans were clique in high school but it really hit me with the internet. Sometimes I had to earn my […]

Rush’s Geddy Lee Says Neil Peart Has Quit Playing Drums Completely

Geddy Lee Says Neil Peart Has Given Up Drumming All Together The Rush bassist was on Trunk Nation on SiriusXM promoting his new book “Big Beautiful Book Of Bass” when, of course, the future of Rush came up. Lee says that he and Alex Lifeson live close to each other […]