Uli Jon Roth Takes Us Track by Track on Electric Sun’s “EarthQuake” from 1979

Interview Clip #9- Uli Jon Roth Takes Us Track-by-Track Electric Sun’s “EarthQuake” from 1979 May 5, 2019 – It was his first album after recording five with the Scorpions and It’s one of my favorites from him. I once took a road trip to Vegas and it was the only […]

INTERVIEW Steve Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings” (1979) Track by Track Breakdown

Interview Steve Hackett – “Spectral Mornings” – We look Back at the tunes Off His 3rd Album April 27, 2019 – I love the evolution of an artist. How one’s musical tastes can change from album to album. When Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings” came out in 1979 I was 19 and […]

Interview: Steve Hackett – Track By Track of “At The Edge Of Light”

Interview Steve Hackett – “At the Edge Of Light” Track-By-Track Breakdown April 20, 2019 – “At the Edge Of Light” was released this past January and again Steve Hackett takes us on a journey of cultures and musical tastes. We talked to Steve about every track on the album. Look […]