Current Yes, “Not That Good,” Jon Anderson Responds To Steve Howe’s “Unthinkable” Yes Comment

Jon Anderson: The Current Yes, “Is Not That Good.” Yes’ Steve Howe recently said a Yes reunion was “unthinkable” well, in this clip Jon Anderson responds to what he said. Jon also goes into the making of the classic album “Close to the Edge” and sings a bit for us. […]

Interview – Bill Bruford On Why He Left Yes & His New Earthworks Box Set

Interview Clip #1- Interview – Bill Bruford On Why He Left Yes & His New Box Set July 27, 2019 – When Bill Bruford left Yes many were scratching their head. The band was taking off after two huge albums and arguably their best “Fragile” and “Close to the Edge.” […]

Original Yes Keyboardist Tony Kaye To Join Them On 50th Anniversary Tou

This is great news for many fans since there was criticism that the official version of the band actually had not original members from their first album in 1969. More on that later. The group also announced another special guest artist Roger Dean who designed many of their album covers. […]