Jimi Hendrix Almost Exploded Dave Bickler Old Family Station Wagon Radio

Interview Clip #10- How Jimi Hendrix Transformed Dave Bickler’s Dad’s Old Family Station Wagon August 13, 2019 – We do we talk about what I call “JFK musical moments” on this channel all the time. Hearing a song or artist for the first time which becomes frozen in time forever. […]

Former Kinks Keyboardist Ian Gibbons Dead at 67

“To simply say Ian will be missed would be an understatement, when he auditioned for the band, he only played a few chords before I knew he was the right guy to have on keyboard, he seemed to know the right voicing to musically slot in between the other members of the band. And with the Kinks, that took some doing!” Ray Davies

Ringo Starr Says Get Ready For the Abbey Road 50th Anniversary Box Set

“I get a bit fed up, personally, with all those, like, Take 9 or Take 3, the odd takes that we didn’t put out, but that’s part of the box set and you have to do stuff like that. But I’ve always just listened to the record itself, what we put out in the ’60s or 1970, and it’s brighter.” Ringo Starr

How The Byrds Chris Hillman’s Illness Got Firefall Their First Record Contract

Interview #3- How The Byrds Chris Hillman’s Illness Got Firefall a Record Contract July 28, 2019 – As they say sometimes if you go left instead of right things can change in one’s life. I love stories on chance meetings and this falls in that category. Former Byrds and Flying […]

When Quiet Riots Frankie Banali Met His Hero Robert Plant

Interview Clip #6- When Quiet Riots Frankie Banali Met His Hero Robert Plant July 24, 2019 – Through the years I’ve spent a little time backstage before and after the shows. The best part is always meeting and/or interviewing the performer but what’s also cool is watching a rocker meeting […]

Quiet Riots Frankie Banali Remembers Kevin DuBrow & The Spooky Tooth Connection

Interview Clip #4- Quiet Riots Frankie Banali Remembers That First Connection With Kevin DuBrow (RIP) July 10, 2019 – He’s the guy who sang their big hits “Metal Health (Bang Your Head)” and “Cum On Feel the Noize” from 1983 and “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” two years later. Two […]

Dave Bickler’s Personal Beatles Moment & His Favourite Member

Interview #5- We Asked Dave Bickler About his Personal Beatles Moment & His Favourite Member July 9, 2019 – When I was 7-years-old living in Montreal I remember one of my neighbors bringing out a tiny record player and playing a Beatles album. I remember it sounded like sing-a-long music […]

Girls and Gene Krupa Got Drummer Carmine Appice into Music

Interview Clip #7 – It Was Girls and Gene Krupa That Got Carmine Appice in the Business June 21, 2019 – It’s always girls. Well, 9 times out of 10 that gets boys in the bands and into Rock and Roll. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS STORY https://youtu.be/Yxzb38FPkhA You […]

Kelly Jay of Crowbar Fame Has Died

Kelly Jay of Crowbar Fame Has Died June 21, 2019 – He was the big man in the band. Crowbar, who were best known for their hit, “Oh, What a Feeling,” were based out of Hamilton. Jay(aka Blake Fordham) suffered a stroke a few days ago and at that point […]

Could Randy Bachman Have Imagine His Rock and Roll Future?

We Asked Randy Bachman: Would Your Younger Self Believe His Future? June 8, 2019 – It’s kind of like whispering in someone’s ear, “You’re going to be President some day.” It’s too many steps, too much of a leap. Even the kids who say they’ll be President don’t really believe […]