Ex-Firefall Larry Burnett On Touring With Fleetwood Mac During Rumours

Interview Clip #5- Larry Burnett On Touring With Fleetwood Mac During Rumours August 11, 2019 – Can you imagine touring with Fleetwood Mac at their highpoint? Larry Burnett as one of the singers in Firefall during their heyday met a lot of stars through the years but first I had […]

Larry Burnett Tells Us Why He Had To Leave The Band Firefall

Interview Clip # 4-Larry Burnett Tells Us Why He Left Firefall August 4, 2019 – Larry Burnett was half of the singer/songwriter team for most of Firefall’s first five albums until he left to get clean in the early ’80s. He shares the details. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS […]

How The Byrds Chris Hillman’s Illness Got Firefall Their First Record Contract

Interview #3- How The Byrds Chris Hillman’s Illness Got Firefall a Record Contract July 28, 2019 – As they say sometimes if you go left instead of right things can change in one’s life. I love stories on chance meetings and this falls in that category. Former Byrds and Flying […]

INTERVIEW: The Real Story Behind Firefall’s Hit “Cinderella” With Larry Burnett

Interview Clip #2- The Real Story Behind Firefalls Hit “Cinderella” With Larry Burnett July 21, 2019 – Firefall had two main singer/songwriter Rick Roberts who came from the Flying Burrito Brothers and our special guest Larry Burnett. The pair split up the tunes on most of their first five albums. […]

Interview: Firefall’s Classic Singers Are Reuniting: Rick Roberts & Larry Burnett

July 14, 2019 – The two main singers in Firefall are reuniting for a set of concerts this year. Check out our interview with Larry Burnett. JEFF’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE https://www.jeffcoffey.com CHECK OUT JEFF’S FACEBOOK PAGE https://www.facebook.com/JeffCoffeyMusic/ JEFF ON INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/jeffcoffeymusic JEFF’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/user/JeffCoffey http://www.jetpacklabelgroup.com #2 Bobby Rydell On His […]