The Story Behind The Huge Hit “She’s Not There” With Zombies Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent

I had a great chat with both Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone of the Zombies about the making of their first hit “She’s Not There” from 1964. HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR T-SHIRTS, MUGS ETC OUR NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT We have 4 active YouTube […]

Writing With Bernie Taupin Was Different Says Holly Knight

Holly Knight on Writing With Bernie Taupin and How He’s Different Interview Clip # 16 With Holly Knight May 8, 2020 – Holly Knight has had a lot of songwriting partners, Mike Chapman is one of the better known but she has a chance to do some work with Elton […]

The Story Behind The Hit “Obsession” By Animotion from Holly Knight

The Story Behind The Hit “Obsession” By Animotion from Holly Knight Interview Clip # 15 With Holly Knight May 1, 2020 – Annimotion’s 1984 hit “Obsession” reached #6 on the charts. They had three Top 40 hits and that was their biggest. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS STORY BELOW […]

Graham Gouldman Explains the 10cc Tune “Art for Art’s Sake” – Fan Questions

April 27, 2020 – The song “Art for Art’s Sake” was the first single from the 10cc album “How Dare You!” from 1976. That album reached #1 in New Zealand, and #5 in Sweden and the U.K. The actual tune reached #5 on the U.K. charts and #4 in Ireland. […]

Will Holly Knight Work With Pat Benatar Again? The One New Artist That She Loves – Lena Hall

Will Holly Knight Work With Pat Benatar Again? The One New Artist That She Love – Lena Hall Interview Clip # 14 With Holly Knight CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS STORY BELOW April 24, 2020 – Holly Knight has co-written a handful of tunes for Pat Benatar most […]

Does 10cc’s Graham Gouldman Still Talks to Eric Stewart? Fan Questions – Fan Questions

In the beginning, 10cc was a four-piece band featuring Eric Stewart, Lol Creme, Kevin Godley and our special guest Graham Gouldman. In the mid-seventies, Godley and Creme left to form their own unit. Our YouTube fans asked that since Stewart is no longer in the band(he left in the mid-90s) […]

Holly Knight Shares The Secret Sauce In Writing Hit Songs

Interview Clip # 13 With Holly Knight April 17, 2020 – Ask some artistic individuals how they do what they do and you might be surprised by the answer. Well, some just won’t tell you – it’s a secret. Others just don’t know. “I don’t know I just do it.” […]

10cc’s Graham Gouldman on Who Covered His Songs The Best – Interview #8

Graham Gouldman, as you will see via the diagram below, has written hundreds of songs since the sixties. This list is just a fraction of the bigger tunes. We asked Gouldman, of all the covers of his song out there, which one was his favorite? Check out the video for […]

Holly Knight – “There’s a Lot of Disrespect for Songwriters Right Now”

Interview Clip # 12 With Holly Knight April 10, 2020 – There’s a lot of big artists who didn’t write their own hits. Elvis being the biggest example. We have Chuck Negron formerly of Three Dog Night on this channel a year ago and they didn’t write their own hits. […]