He Felt Like Chicago’s Peter Cetera, Tubes’ Fee Waybill On David Foster Years

It’s not everyday that an artist can work with such a talented musician/producer as David Foster. for the last few decades it seemed everything he touched went gold – or platinum. When the Tubes got their chance the result were two hit albums, “The Completion Backward Principle” from 1981 and […]

Loverboy Singer Mike Reno – Our Entire Interview

Here is our entire interview with Mike Reno, lead singer of Loverboy.  #Loverboy #TurnMeLoose #MikeReno Check out the Podcast of the Mike Reno Interview https://www.buzzsprout.com/1741489/10503543 Go to the official Loverboy Site for concert details  https://www.loverboyband.com If you would like to donate to “Rock History Music” https://www.paypal.com/donatetoken=2sKc7g6aXigdqkJQn_43w_Q5b336MCc6bGtps07xI9n7b37SfZkrGNVK1U02ayWPTJgbwn5C0XIx44P   HELP SUPPORT ROCK […]

Felix Cavaliere (Rascals) on Playing with The Beatles in Hamburg (1963)

Felix Cavaliere (Rascals) on Playing with The Beatles in Hamburg (1963) #Felix Cavaliere #TheBeatles #TheRascals Interview Clip #1 Go to the official Felix Cavaliere site https://www.felixcavalieremusic.com June 6, 2021 – Imagine sharing the same stage as the Beatles back in the day when North Americans hadn’t experienced Beatle-Mania yet. Felix […]

Joseph Williams on the Songs off Toto’s “The Seventh One”

The great Joseph Williams talks about the tunes on “Toto’s “The Seventh One”. HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR T-SHIRTS, MUGS ETC https://teespring.com/stores/rock-history-music-store?page=1 OUR NEW INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT https://www.instagram.com/rockhistorymusic/ We have 4 active YouTube Channels featuring John Beaudin  Subscribe to this (RockHistoryMusic) Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChUv5CZuAuh08DfHA8klNSA?view_as=subscriber RockHistoryBook -Top 10 Rock […]

Sweet’s Andy Scott on the Making of ‘Fox On The Run.’

Sweet’s Andy Scott on the Making of ‘Fox On The Run.” Feb 9, 2021 – It was one of the most iconic tunes from the seventies. Released on March 7, 1975, ‘Fox on the Run’ peaked at #2 in the U.K. and #1 in Australia, Denmark, Germany, and South Africa. […]

Bill Champlin on The Vibe of Chicago 16 & 17

Bill Champlin on The Vibe of Chicago 16 & 17 January 27, 2021 – Many die-hard Chicago fans say that the band died after original guitarist Terry Kath accidentally killed himself in 1978. Though by then Chicago was already releasing songs that rockers detested like, “If You Leave Me Now” […]

The Top Christmas Albums of the 1960s – The Classic Years!

December 21, 2020 – Another great piece by Jason Klose​, head writer of “Rock History Book”..we put this one on our sister channel “Nail Sheet.” Ther Classic Years of Christmas music. The Best-Selling Christmas Albums of the ‘60s 1961 – Holiday Sing Along with Mitch, by Mitch Miller & the […]