Player’s Peter Beckett Surreal Return Home To Liverpool & The Cavern Club

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Ray Williams’ Adventures With the Kinks, Sonny & Cher Before Elton John

October 30, 2019 – Ray Williams had accomplished much before discovering Elton John and introducing him to songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. As a teen, he was a huge music fan who got his start via Cathy McGowen and the “Ready Steady Go” TV variety show in England. In this clip, […]

Dave Bickler’s Personal Beatles Moment & His Favourite Member

Interview #5- We Asked Dave Bickler About his Personal Beatles Moment & His Favourite Member July 9, 2019 – When I was 7-years-old living in Montreal I remember one of my neighbors bringing out a tiny record player and playing a Beatles album. I remember it sounded like sing-a-long music […]

All Musician Miss Being Home LRB’s Glenn Shorrock Made It a Hit

Interview Clip #5- All Musician Miss Home LRB’s Glenn Shorrock Made It a Hit June 15, 2019 – There is a song on Little River Band’s third album “Diamantina Cocktail” that a hit in a few countries but was not a hit in their native Australia or even north America. […]

Uli Jon Roth Is a Huge Beatles Fan but Not a Fan of Everything They Did

Interview Clip #7- Uli Jon Roth Is a Beatles Fan but Not a Fan of Everything They Did June 6, 2019 – There this thing that many music fans say that the Beatles Helter Skelter was the first Metal song and some assume that every hard rocker would like that […]

#2 Eavesdropping On Paul McCartney Recording “Penny Lane” – LRB’s Glenn Shorrock

Interview Clip #2- When LRB’s Glenn Shorrock eavesdropped On Paul McCartney Recording “Penny Lane” May 25, 2019 – Before the Little River band Glenn Shorrock was a singer in a popular Australian 60’s band The Twilights that just happened to be recording at Abbey Road studios when a certain band […]

The One Beatles Member Carmine Appice Has Not Met and It’s Strange

2- The One Beatles Carmine Appice Has Not Met May 17, 2019 – Carmine Appice has rubbed shoulders with some of the big ones in the business. Not many can say they’ve met three of the four Beatles but the one member he, of all people, should have met hasn’t’ […]

Interview: Henry Gross Looks Back At The King – Elvis Presley

Henry Gross On the Wonderment Of Elvis (Interview Clip #3) I’ve always loved the history of music. I first discovered that consciously when I got into Elton John in his prime in the seventies. I had fallen in love with this artists music and was pleasantly surprised when I found […]

Who Are We? Rock History Music – Trailer With John Beaudin

First off thanks everyone for all the support. Rock History Music has been sharing exclusive interviews and breaking music news for the past 2 1/2 years. In that time we earned 5.3 Million views on YouTube and 20,539 subscribers. Remember every interview you hear on Rock History Music is exclusive […]