Larry Burnett Tells Us Why He Had To Leave The Band Firefall

Interview Clip # 4-Larry Burnett Tells Us Why He Left Firefall August 4, 2019 – Larry Burnett was half of the singer/songwriter team for most of Firefall’s first five albums until he left to get clean in the early ’80s. He shares the details. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS […]

Lindsey Buckingham Returns to the Stage – First time Since Heart Surgery

Lindsey Buckingham Returns to the Stage – First time Since Heart Surgery May 20, 2019 – It was not a major concert but there he was playing guitar at his daughter high-school graduation class while they all sang the Fleetwood Mac classic “Landslide” which Stevie Nicks originally sang. He’s making […]

April Wine Co Founder Remembers Worst Moment Ever On Stage: Jim Henman Interview

Every person in every job has that story to share that they would rather not talk about. Interestingly these little tales are too juicy not to get around. Former April Wine founder Jim Henman told us an interesting ditty on blacking out on stage in Eastern Canada. INTERVIEW #3 April […]

April Wine Co Founder Jim Henman Has No Regrets On Leaving Band

April Wine Co-Founder Has No Regrets About Leaving Before The Big Time Jim Henman goes way back with April Wine Leader Myles Goodwyn. They were both in a band called Woodies Termites in the mid-sixties in Nova Scotia, Canada. Then along with Jim’s cousin David and Ritchie Henman they formed […]

Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron: What Would He Change?

Three Dog Night’s Chuck Negron Gives His Younger Self Some Advice One of the biggest cliche’s in life is “hindsight is 20/20. We all make huge mistakes in life it’s inevitable and another big cliche is “all those things in my life brought me here.” Former Three Dog Night singer […]