Today In Rock History – July 14th, The Who, Stones, Beatles, Tina Turner, David Bowie

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Larry Burnett’s Last Conversation with Drummer Michael Clarke (Firefall, Byrds)

Interview Clip #9- Larry Burnett On His Last Conversation Michael Clarke (Firefall, Byrds) September 8, 2019 – Michael Clarke has quite a career. He was a drummer for the Byrds, he was also with Dillard and Clark and the Flying Buritto Brothers and he was the drummer for Firefall. He […]

How The Byrds Chris Hillman’s Illness Got Firefall Their First Record Contract

Interview #3- How The Byrds Chris Hillman’s Illness Got Firefall a Record Contract July 28, 2019 – As they say sometimes if you go left instead of right things can change in one’s life. I love stories on chance meetings and this falls in that category. Former Byrds and Flying […]