Rush’s Alex Lifeson Hasn’t Felt Inspired Since Neil Peart’s Death

Rush’s Alex Lifeson Hasn’t Felt Inspired Since Neil Peart’s Death Alex Lifeson was a guest on the popular,ar radio show “Talkin’ Golf With Ann Liguori” WFAN this morning. “It was a dream of any adolescent male to join a rock band and pick up chicks and this whole thing, but for us, the music […]

Graham Gouldman Didn’t Enjoy 10cc’s 1992 Reunion

Interview Clip #4 Graham Gouldman Didn’t Enjoy 10cc’s 1992 Reunion – March 16, 2020. Go to Check out the video for this story below VISIT OUR ALBUM AND BOOK PICKS AT THE ROCK HISTORY BOOK STOR HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR T-SHIRTS, MUGS ETC […]

Interview #8: D​id the Hit Ballad “Sweet Misery” Hurt The Band Teaze?

INTERVIEW CLIP #8- Did the Hit “Sweet Misery” Kill The Band Teaze? August 10, 2019 – Could one song ruin a band? Sometimes if it’s out of character for the group it could certainly hurt them. The “On the Loose” album from Teaze in 1978 featured their only hit singles […]

INTERVIEW #7: That Surreal Teaze Meeting With Mick & the Rolling Stones

INTERVIEW CLIP #7- Teaze Share Their Bizarre Experience With Mick Jagger & the Stones August 3, 2019 – One of my favorite questions to ask musicians centers around their own fan experiences but not their fans. I ask about meeting their own idols. We talk Johnny Winter, Aerosmith and Jagger, […]

INTERVIEW #6: Canadian Band Teaze Had Their Fair Share of Bad Luck in the 70s

INTERVIEW CLIP #6- The Band Teaze Had Their Share of Bad Luck July 27, 2019 – I remember in the 80’s doing lots of interviews with Canadian bands when I was syndicating my radio show “The Cross Canada Report.” I started hearing musicians saying, “You can go gold in Canada […]

Interview: Firefall’s Classic Singers Are Reuniting: Rick Roberts & Larry Burnett

July 14, 2019 – The two main singers in Firefall are reuniting for a set of concerts this year. Check out our interview with Larry Burnett. JEFF’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE CHECK OUT JEFF’S FACEBOOK PAGE JEFF ON INSTAGRAM JEFF’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL #2 Bobby Rydell On His […]

INTERVIEW #5: The Band Teaze Talk About Getting Started in the 70s

Interview Clip #5- Mark, Brian & Mike of Teaze Look Back At the Bands Origins July 20, 2019 – The band formed in Windsor in the mid-seventies and had 4 studio albums, one live album and 2 best of compilations. Now three of the four original members are back together […]

INTERVIEW #4: Teaze Are Back Together But Will They Record New Music?

INTERVIEW CLIP #4- Will The Reunited Band Teaze Record a New Album? July 13, 2019 – They broke up in the early eighties but now three of the four original Teaze members are back together with Mark, Brian, and Mike. There are now plans for more shows but what about […]

INTERVIEW #3: What The Band Teaze Wants From Their Reunion

INTERVIEW CLIP #3- What The Band Teaze Want From Their Reunion July 6, 2019 – This is part three of an 8 part feature on our interview with Mark, Brian, and Mike of the band Teaze. They were touring across Canada in the seventies and came close to the big […]

Interview #2: Reunited Band Teaze Give Props To Myles Goodwyn & April Wine

INTERVIEW CLIP-#2- Reunited Band Teaze Give Props To Myles Goodwyn & April Wine June 29, 2019 – Everyone loves a reunion and lots of fans are pumped with Mark, Brian and Mike of the band Teaze are back at it. They released their last album in “Body Shots” in 1980. […]