Steve Hackett Talks About Working With Alan Parsons & That Disney Mouse

2- Steve Hackett & Alan Parsons Talk About Working Together On “The Secret” June 29, 2019 – The new Alan Parsons album, “The Secret” was just released yesterday and we have a Track-by-Track breakdown of the project on our sister YouTube channel Rock History Book with Alan as our special […]

INTERVIEW Steve Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings” (1979) Track by Track Breakdown

Interview Steve Hackett – “Spectral Mornings” – We look Back at the tunes Off His 3rd Album April 27, 2019 – I love the evolution of an artist. How one’s musical tastes can change from album to album. When Hackett’s “Spectral Mornings” came out in 1979 I was 19 and […]

INTERVIEW – Alan Parsons’s Track-by-Track Breakdown of His New Album “The Secret”

April 26, 2019 – Here’s our exclusive presentation of the brand new Alan Parsons album which has a theme of Magic. He was nice enough to tell us the stories behind each track starting with a familiar trademark of Alan’s a strong Instrumental opening song. First, we talk about his […]

Interview: Steve Hackett – Track By Track of “At The Edge Of Light”

Interview Steve Hackett – “At the Edge Of Light” Track-By-Track Breakdown April 20, 2019 – “At the Edge Of Light” was released this past January and again Steve Hackett takes us on a journey of cultures and musical tastes. We talked to Steve about every track on the album. Look […]

Steve Hackett’s New Album Proves He’s At The Top Of His Game

Interview Clip #1- Steve Hackett’s New Album Proves He’s At The Top Of His Game April 20, 2019 – “At the Edge Of Light” is Steve Hackett’s twenty-fifth studio album. It was released this past January. Already on Spotify three of his most streamed songs are from the new album. […]

Interview #7 – You Wouldn’t Believe What Album Steve Hackett Bought First in the Early 60’s

Interview Clip #7 – Steve Hackett’s First Album Purchase Might Surprise You I’ve said it before on this channel, the first album I ever bought was Elton John’s “Madman Across the Water.” Whenever I met someone I ask almost everyone about theirs. (Clip 013) Steve Hackett’s new album is called […]

Interview #6: Steve Hackett’s Most Challenging Times As a Musician

Interview Clip #6 – Steve Hackett’s Most Challenging Times As a Musicians Looking back at Steve Hackett’s discography it’s easy to assume that’s the guitarist is always up for a challenge but I was curious about the ones that really stretched him – in and out of Genesis. (Clip 008 […]

Interview #5: Steve Hackett Had Too Many Ideas To Stay In Genesis?

#5 – Steve Hackett Had Too Many Ideas To Stay In Genesis Steve Hackett has been one of the most prolific ex-members of Genesis. His last studio album with the band was “Wind & Wuthering” from 1976. Since then, like his old prog band, he’s pushed the boundaries. (Clip 004) (Clip […]

Interview #4 Steve Hackett’s New Album Is Reaction To World Politics

Interview #4 – Steve Hackett’s New Album Is A Reaction to The Political World The world has changed politically and we are a divided bunch Steve Hackett got inspiration for his new album from a polarized world (Clip 001 – 2:14) We will have more of our interview with Steve […]

Interview #3: Steve Hackett Talks About Prog and the Tchaikovsky Connection

#3 – I asked Steve Hackett About Prog Fans As I’ve said on this channel Prog music fans are different. I should know I’m one of them. I knew Prog fans were clique in high school but it really hit me with the internet. Sometimes I had to earn my […]