Gerry Beckley of America On The Joys Of 1970’s Warner Brothers Records & Which Hits To Play In Concert

Their first 8 albums which included their Greatest hits collection ‘History” in 1975 were all hits. That “best of” went 4 times platinum in the US, and six time platinum in Australia. The group worked hard to get there. Gerry Beckley talked about that amazing creative atmosphere at Warner Brothers […]

America’s Gerry Beckley On Russ Ballard Challenges & Their 80’s Comeback

America’s Gerry Beckley On the Challenges With Russ Ballard & Their 80’s Comeback When the band reached #8 on the Billboard chart in 1982 with “You Can Do Magic” this served as a big comeback for America. It was their first hit since “Today’s the Day” in 1976 (written and […]

INTERVIEW – What Seed The Beach Boys Planted Into the Band America & A Lucky Janet Jackson Sample

In the last 35 years in radio I’ve easily interviewed over 3-4 thousand artists and I’ve kept everything on old reel-to-reels or cassette tapes. We are slowly digitizing them now. One of my favorite interviews was with two of the three members of America. First I interviewed Gerry Beckley and […]

INTERVIEW – Gerry Beckley Looks Back At America’s Third Member – The Late Dan Peek

America had 11 Top 40 hits and 2 number 1 songs. Their first was 1972’s “A Horse With No Name” and then 1975’s “Sister Golden Hair.” They had seven Top 10 hits. Their most fruitful period were the seventies when they were a trio with Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell and […]

INTERVIEW – America’s Gerry Beckley On All Those “H” Album Titles & Early Power Of Three Members

INTERVIEW – America’s Gerry Beckley Explains Why The Bands Early Album Started with “H” This is part two of our five part series on our exclusive interview with Gerry Beckley, one of the lead voices of America. The band so far has released about 20 albums if you don’t count […]

INTERVIEW – America’s Gerry Beckley On Great George Martin Memories

INTERVIEW – America’s Gerry Beckley On Great George Martin Memories This is the first of five videos on our interview with one of the lead voices of America – Gerry Beckley. I also had a chance to do a long 90 minute interview with Dan Peek who left America in […]