10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Eagles’ “Hotel California” Album

December 8, 2020 – We are doing a live broadcast to chat about John Lennon later today but let’s not forget the 44th birthday of this classic album. Jason Klose​, who is the head writer of our sister channel “Rock History Book” wrote this excellent look back at the album. […]

Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty Reacts To All the Rock & Roll Deaths

He was one of my favorite singers in the 70s. Ex-Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty talks about how he looks at all the deaths in Rock. #Nazareth. #DanMcCafferty. #RockHistoryMusic Check out Dan’s site to order the new album https://www.dan-mccafferty.com The official Nazareth site https://www.nazarethdirect.co.uk/website/ HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR […]

What Question Eagles/Glenn Frey Co-Writer Jack Tempchin Is Asked The Most?

Interview Clip 313 – What Eagles/Glenn Frey Songwriter Jack Tempchin Is Asked The Most June 30, 2019 – He wrote or co-wrote five amazing tunes for the Eagles including “Peaceful Easy Feeling” and “Already Gone.” It’s easy to generalize and Imagine what fans would ask him? Is it the Eagles […]

Would Eagles: Glenn Frey Co-Writer Jack Tempchin Change Anything

12 – Would Eagles/Glenn Frey Songwriter Jack Tempchin Change Anything June 23, 2019 – It’s a question I ask everyone. Knowing what you know now would you go back and change anything. Interestingly not all the folks with a great success say, “wouldn’t change a thing” or the musicians with […]

Jack Tempchin On His Eagles “Already Gone” Songwriting Partner

Interview Clip #11 – Jack Tempchin On His “Already Gone” Songwriting Partner June 16, 2019 – I remember the first few Eagles albums very well. The vinyl and liner notes. I was a teenager trying to figure out, as many of you, what made these guys click. On this clip, […]

What the Eagles Glenn Frey Learned from Jack Tempchin

Interview Clip #10 – What Jack Tempchin Taught Glenn Frey Of the Eagles June 9, 2019 – Jack Tempchin was involved in writing or co-writing five Eagles tunes including two of their biggest hits “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” from the bands debut from 1972 “Already Gone” from 1974’s “On the Border.” […]

Great Advice From Eagles/Glenn Frey Co-Writer Jack Tempchin

Interview Clip #9 – Top Advice From Eagles/Glenn Frey Songwriter Jack Tempchin June 9, 2019 – Ever hear of “El-Blurto?” It’s an interesting system that Eagles and Glenn Frey singer/songwriter uses to write a tune. This is part 9 of our series with Jack and he gives such very good […]

Jack Tempchin On Negative Press Around The Eagles

Interview Clip #8 – Jack Tempchin On Negative Press Around The EaglesJune 2, 2019 – I shared a story with Jack Tempchin around my chat with former Eagles Randy Meisner. We will put links to those videos in the description of this video. Randy had said even though he took […]

Did The Eagles Know They Had Something in 1972? – We Asked Jack Tempchin

In Interview Clip #7 – Did The Eagles Know They Had Something in 1972 – We Asked Jack Tempchin May 19, 2019 – The Eagles came out of the gate with a force. Their 1972 debut album featured three hits, “Take It Easy” which peaked at #12, “Witchy Woman” a […]

Jack Tempchin Set To Release Glenn Frey Tribute Tune

Interview Clip # 6 – A Special Tribute Song For Glenn Frey From Musical Partner Jack Tempchin May 12, 2019 – Jack Tempchin says there are songs in the can that he wrote with the late great Glenn Frey. He has a new album coming out this summer and that […]