Kenny Loggins Ready For Another “Danger Zone” Tune For “Top Gun 2 – Maverick”

Kenny Loggin was cornered at LAX by TMX and admitted that there could be a new version of his famous hit “Danger Zone.’ He did say that the song would be a duet if made again with a younger male artist. HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR […]

April Wine Co Founder Jim Henman Has No Regrets On Leaving Band

April Wine Co-Founder Has No Regrets About Leaving Before The Big Time Jim Henman goes way back with April Wine Leader Myles Goodwyn. They were both in a band called Woodies Termites in the mid-sixties in Nova Scotia, Canada. Then along with Jim’s cousin David and Ritchie Henman they formed […]

Interview #2: Alan White Talks About Tony Kaye’s Return to Yes

Interview Clip #2 Alan White of Yes Talks About His Old Friend Tony Kaye Guesting on 50th Anniversary Tour It’s a big year for Yes with their 50th Anniversary tour. A few days ago we talked to longtime drummer Alan White about Tony Kaye joining the tour. We also asked […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain – How Journey Followed Up Their Biggest Album “Escape” With “Frontiers”

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain – How Journey Followed Up “Escape” with “Frontiers” The Greatest Hits album has sold well over 20 Million worldwide but the big studio album was of courser “Escape” (so far it has sold 12.2 million worldwide) Cain’s first with the band. We asked him about the transition […]

INTERVIEW: Grand Funk’s Don Brewer What The Deal With The Drumming On Bob Seger’s Hollywood Nights

Interview Clip #7 Don Brewer on Bob Seger’s Hollywood Nights – What’s The Deal With The Drumming? As a former drummer and the father of a kid that is 100 times better at his instrument I know what it’s like to listen to a track in hopes of figuring out […]

INTERVIEW: Alan White Remembers Being Threatened To Join Yes

INTERVIEW CLIP #1 Alan White Remembers Being Threatened To Join Yes It’s all fun until someone loses an eyes or your mom walks in or you have no hands to play the drums. The band Yes are about to embark on their big 50th Anniversary tour and we talked to […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain Much Happier In Journey Without The Drama

Jonathan Cain says he enjoys the vibe in Journey much more now that he and Neal Schon have ironed things out after their spat concerning rest of the band visiting Trump at the White House. Also we asked Cain about that creative push-and-pull/yin-yang between him and Schon. One of our […]

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Sets Up Full Saucerful Of Secrets Tour

Turns out the first four shows in London sold out fast and turned out good. So now the former drummer for Pink Floyd has announced over 20 dates across Europe and the U.K. The first is on September 2nd in Stockholm Circus, Sweden and winding down Nottingham, UK on September […]

INTERVIEW: Grand Funk’s Mess With Manager Terry Knight According to Mark Farner & Don Brewer

#6 – INTERVIEW Grand Funk’s Mess With Manager Terry Knight When fans talk about managers who were screwed by their clients the names Grand Funk and Terry Knight often comes up. In the early 70’s after a string of hit albums the power trio wondered where all the money was […]

Why Bill Champlin Sang Lead Vocals On Chicago’s Look Away & Other Diane Warren Songs

Why did Bill Champlin get to sing lead on the Diane Warren tunes? We asked the former member of Chicago. He also talks about Chicago’s last #1 tune “Look Away.” Long before he joined that band Champlin recorded an album that’s become a favorite among fans of west coast music […]