When Bobby Rydell Met The Up & Coming Band The Beatles

(interview clip #4) When Bobby Rydell Met The Up & Coming Band The Beatles I look for interesting moments in time in all the interviews that I do. There’s always a little voice inside my head that’s always asking, “bring me somewhere I’ve never been?” Well, Bobby Rydell certainly has […]

How Ringo Fulfilled Steve Lukather’s Beatles Fantasy – Toto Interview #17

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW https://youtu.be/SMNM6Dxb8NU Steve Lukather Says His Beatles Fantasy Is Now Complete I’ve never interviewed one of the Beatles but Ringo and Paul are still on my bucket list. I hold out hope. I’ve interviewed many people who have worked with them however Ravi Shankar, Alan White […]

Elton John & Paul McCartney Made Too Many Albums Says Producer Steve Lillywhite

Lillywhite appearing on The Music’s latest Producer Series podcast and said, “I’m a big believer in artists who don’t clog up the airwaves with new music just because they think they must release a new album, I love Paul McCartney, I love Elton John… I think they’ve made too many […]