Drummer Simon Phillips on Why He Left Toto, Do They Still Talk?

July 25, 2020 – Simon Phillips and I have trying to synchronize our schedules for a few months and we finally did it a few days ago. Here is part one of our chat. There is also an update on Joseph Williams’ (Toto Singer) new solo album on here. HELP […]

Regis Philbin, Legendary Television Host, Dies at 88 – Our Tribute

Sad day first we lost ex-Fleetwood Mac guitar legend Peter Green and now TV great Regis Philbin. He was certainly one-of-a-kind. There certainly was only one Regis. He actually hold the “Guinness World Record” for most hours on TV and he certainly made good use of them. Philbin, who in […]

Ex-Genesis Guitarist Anthony Phillips Talks Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood & Fav Players

I always loved talking to ex-Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips(this one is our third interview). In this one, he talks about all his fav guitarists and he mentions Peter Green however he didn’t seem to be a huge Mick Fleetwood fan. HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR T-SHIRTS, […]

Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder, Dead at 73

He was a hugely influential guitarist. RIP Peter Green. When fans talk about the early magic of Fleetwood Mac Peter Green was a huge part of that. In fact the band was first named “Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.” As a guitarist he influenced many but his mental health issues got […]