Larry Burnett Tells Us Why He Had To Leave The Band Firefall

Interview Clip # 4-Larry Burnett Tells Us Why He Left Firefall August 4, 2019 – Larry Burnett was half of the singer/songwriter team for most of Firefall’s first five albums until he left to get clean in the early ’80s. He shares the details. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR THIS […]

interview: Why Bernie Leadon Is Not In the Current Version Of The Eagles?

Interview Clip #2- Was Bernie Leadon Invited Back Into The Eagles After Glenn Frey’s Death? July 12, 2019 – When I told some of the followers of this channel that I would be interviewing Bernie Leadon the biggest suggested question was why isn’t he on stage with them now? He […]

INTERVIEW: Uli Jon Roth On Reactions To Him Leaving The Scorpions

Interview Clip #4 – Uli Jon Roth On The Reactions To Him Leaving The Scorpions May 16, 2019 – Roth recorded five albums with the Scorpions including the famous Tokyo Tapes live album and then created his own band Electric Sun and many other solo projects. I asked him about […]