Bernie Leadon Talks “Desperado” -The Gamble of the Eagles Concept Album

Interview Clip #6- Bernie Leadon Look back at The Eagles Concept Album “Desperado” August 9, 2019 – The album certainly didn’t chart as well as the debut. It peaked at #41 while the debut peaked at #22. Meanwhile their last four albums, “One of These Nights,” “Hotel California,””The Long Run,” […]

Bernie Leadon Talks About the First Eagles Hit “Take It Easy” and His Part In It

Interview Clip #3- What Bernie Leadon Did To “Take It Easy” The First Eagles Hit July 19, 2019 – That first twang of the guitar for the hit “Take It Easy” is instantly recognizable. It’s the first song off the first Eagles album from 1972 and the first tune from […]