interview: Why Bernie Leadon Is Not In the Current Version Of The Eagles?

Interview Clip #2- Was Bernie Leadon Invited Back Into The Eagles After Glenn Frey’s Death? July 12, 2019 – When I told some of the followers of this channel that I would be interviewing Bernie Leadon the biggest suggested question was why isn’t he on stage with them now? He […]

INTERVIEW – Is Deacon Frey Good For the Eagles? – We asked His Uncle Alan Frey

After Glenn Frey died in January 18, 2016 it looked like the Eagles were done but the late rocker has had a few important fill-ins. First Vince Gill and Frey’s own son Deacon. On our final clip with Glenn Frey’s brother Alan we asked him about that fit? (Clip 11) […]

Don Henley On Deacon Frey’s Future With The Eagles

Could the Eagles have continued without the help of Deacon Frey? No according to Henley. The singer/drummer told Rolling Stone magazine they needed “family blood’ to keep the Eagles’ spirit alive. So is there a specific time on how long Deacon will be in the Eagles? Henley said, the “wonderful […]