Batman-V-Superman-Zack-Snyder-TrinityIrons plays Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth in the new film but the actor did not defend the film when talking to The Daily Mail. When bad reviews came up in the conversation he said, “Deservedly so. I mean it took £800 million, so the kicking didn’t matter but it was sort of overstuffed…”

He goes on: “‘It was very muddled. I think the next one will be simpler. The script is certainly a lot smaller, it’s more linear…I’m tied into The Batman at the minute, which is nice because it’s a bit of income…not that I need a bit of an income…”

Batman V Superman is a big hit but it’s reviews? The New Republic called it, “A movie that beats you into submission and makes you wonder if the sun will ever come out again.”

Brooklyn Magazine said, “It is too much, and it is not enough. In short: Nobody wins.” The movie’s current standing on Rotten Tomatoes is only a 27% approval rating. – by John Beaudin