Today In Rock History, July 19th, Eagles’ Bernie Leadon, Queen’s Brian May, Genesis, Invisible Touch

July 19, 2022 – As we start with todays rock history we wish everyone a happy birthday to you if it’s your big day. Check out the video. If you would like to donate to “Rock History Music” Support “Rock History Music” on Patreon HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY […]

Bernie Leadon Talks About the First Eagles Hit “Take It Easy” and His Part In It

Interview Clip #3- What Bernie Leadon Did To “Take It Easy” The First Eagles Hit July 19, 2019 – That first twang of the guitar for the hit “Take It Easy” is instantly recognizable. It’s the first song off the first Eagles album from 1972 and the first tune from […]

Bernie Leadon Interview: Many Signs That The Eagles Were Destined for Greatness

Clip #1 of 20- The Many Signs That The Eagles Were Destined for Greatness July 5, 2019 – Bernie Leadon left the Eagles after four albums. Those four albums made up the biggest selling album in U.S. History – “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975).” Sure their greatest album is considered “Hotel […]

Jack Tempchin Set To Release Glenn Frey Tribute Tune

Interview Clip # 6 – A Special Tribute Song For Glenn Frey From Musical Partner Jack Tempchin May 12, 2019 – Jack Tempchin says there are songs in the can that he wrote with the late great Glenn Frey. He has a new album coming out this summer and that […]