Eagles Songwriter Jack Tempchin & a 60s Rolling Stones Moment In Time

Interview Clip #5 – Eagles Songwriter On a Great 60’s Rolling Stones Moment in Time May 12, 2019 – When you write or co-write 5 tunes for the Eagles it’s a big deal. The two biggest hits were “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” from the bands debut from 1972 “Already Gone” from […]

Jack Tempchin On Writing Hits for the Eagles & Friendship With Glenn Frey

Interview Clip #4 – Jack Tempchin On Writing Hits for the Eagles & Friendship With Glenn Frey This is part four of our series on singer/songwriter Jack Tempchin who wrote or co-wrote five Eagles songs and was Glenn Frey’s chief songwriting partner as a solo artist. First I asked about […]

Jack Tempchin & The Story Behind “Slow Dancing Swaying to the Music” by Johnny Rivers

Interview Clip #3 – Jack Tempchin On the Story Behind “Slow Dancing (Swaying to the Music)” by Johnny Rivers Check out the video for this story via the link below https://youtu.be/ZsTBR_ijSwQ I was 17 when Johnny River released “Slow Dancing (Swaying to the Music)” in the summer of 1977. I […]

The Back Story To “Peaceful Easy Feeling” From Writer Jack Tempchin

Interview Clip #2 – The Real Eagles Story On “Peaceful Easy Feeling” from Writer Jack Tempchin April 21, 2019 – ‘Peaceful Easy Feeling” was a #22 hit for the Eagles in 1972. On part two of our interview with its writer, we ask Jack Tempchin to not give us the […]

INTERVIEW: Elliott Murphy Plays His Music On His Own Terms

INTERVIEW CLIP #1 Elliott Murphy Embraces Music On His Own Terms In the seventies I had a friend who introduced me to Elliott Murphy. I remember he said, “You should really get to know this guy…he’s the next big thing. He’s been compared to Bob Dylan” The album he lent […]