Today In Rock History, Aug 2, Last CCR Tour, Doors & Eagles At #1

August 2, 2022 – Remember if it’s your birthday on August 2 – Have a great day. If you know someone celebrating a birthday please share this video on their timeline. John Beaudin has been in major market radio (Edmonton, Vancouver & Calgary) for 40 years and a music journalist […]

Jason Scheff Talks Peter Cetera, joining & Leaving Chicago – Interview 2022

July 21, 2022 – Imagine being a fly on the wall in 1985 when the band Chicago had the monstrous task of replacing their iconic singer Peter Cetera. The basssist had sung on classic band tunes like, “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,””If You Leave Me Now,””You’re the Inspiration,””25 or 6 […]

He Felt Like Chicago’s Peter Cetera, Tubes’ Fee Waybill On David Foster Years

It’s not everyday that an artist can work with such a talented musician/producer as David Foster. for the last few decades it seemed everything he touched went gold – or platinum. When the Tubes got their chance the result were two hit albums, “The Completion Backward Principle” from 1981 and […]

Interview: When Two Ex-Chicago Singers Met – Peter Cetera and Jeff Coffey

July 23, 2019 – It’s Jeff Coffey week on Rock History Music. We premiered his new video yesterday. There’s a link to the video right at the top of the description of this video. It’s a great cover John Waite and the Babys Hit, “Back on My Feet Again.” When […]

How “If You Leave Me Now” Changed Things For Peter Cetera In Chicago

LOST INTERVIEW – Did “If You Leave Me Now” Change Peter Cetera’s Standing In Chicago in 1976? It was released in the summer of that 1976 and it was the band’s first #1 hit. Peter Cetera Wrote and sang the tune from Chicago X. So did that improve his position […]

Peter Cetera On David Foster Rejected Tunes From Chicago 16 – Interview #7

Foster might have been criticized for bringing Chicago more into a David Foster band but that first album he produced, “Chicago 16,” in 1982 reached #9 on the Billboard chart. Other than it’s follow up, “Chicago 17” two years later (also produced by Foster) which peaked at #4 it was […]

Lost Interview: Peter Cetera On The Chicago Songs He’s Most Proud Of

On part six of our lost interview with the former lead singer of Chicago we want to share an honest clip of a guy who is asked over and over again his former band when really he just wants to move forward CLIP But he did share what Chicago songs […]

Peter Cetera Shares His Thoughts Chicago 18 – The First Album Without Him

Peter Cetera Shares His Thoughts Chicago 18 – The First Album Without Him That album without Peter Cetera was released September 29, 1986. It was a great project with two big hits, “Will You Still Love?” and “If She Would Have Been Faithful.” The former peaking at #3 on the […]