Steve Perry Is Never Rejoining Journey: Only Talks To Band Via Publisher

May 10, 2019 – Steve Perry Is Never Rejoining Journey: Only Talks To Band Via Publisher If the Rock and Roll inclusion(in 2017) was not enough to get Steve Perry back in Journey it looks like nothing will – he’s done and he means it. He doesn’t even talk to […]

Neal Schon Calls Steve Perry “A Once In a Lifetime Singer” & Talks Solo Album

Neal Schon Calls Steve Perry “A Once-In-a-Lifetime Singer” Ed Masley of released a great interview with Journey’s Neal Schon today. (We will have links to it in the description of this video) First off Schon talks about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction and how he went […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain Much Happier In Journey Without The Drama

Jonathan Cain says he enjoys the vibe in Journey much more now that he and Neal Schon have ironed things out after their spat concerning rest of the band visiting Trump at the White House. Also we asked Cain about that creative push-and-pull/yin-yang between him and Schon. One of our […]

INTERVIEW Jonathan Cain: What Journey Song He’s Most Proud Of (#1)

We asked Jonathan Cain what Journey songs he was most proud of. This is part one of an 11-part-series featuring our exclusive interview with Jonathan Cain. We asked him about that huge body of work, that famous intro to “Don’t Stop Believin’” and what advice he would have given a […]

Is The Old Journey Reuniting? Neal Schon Plans Who With Ex-Members Gregg Rolie & Deen Castronovo

There has been so much drama in the band Journey in the last year. So much so that many fans thought the group would break up? Now comes word that former singer and keyboardist Gregg Rolie and drummer Deen Castronovo will join Neal Schon for a benefit show. What does […]