Neal Schon Calls Steve Perry “A Once In a Lifetime Singer” & Talks Solo Album

Neal Schon Calls Steve Perry “A Once-In-a-Lifetime Singer” Ed Masley of released a great interview with Journey’s Neal Schon today. (We will have links to it in the description of this video) First off Schon talks about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction and how he went […]

Steve Perry Didn’t Sing At Rock Hall Because He’s On Arnel Pineda’s Side

Steve Perry Didn’t Sing At Rock Hall Because He’s On Arnel Pineda’s Side Talk about a balanced dude. Talk about a classy one. While talking to the Scott Shannon show Steve Perry had lots to say about his replacement in Journey Arnel Pineda. When Scott Shannon asked him about not […]

INTERVIEW – Jonathan Cain On Prince Borrowing From ‘Faithfully’ For ‘Purple Rain’

INERVIEW CLIP #11 – That Time That Prince Might Have Borrowed Too Much From Faithfully The tune Faithfully has made the rounds, Bryan Adams once said that there was a tip of the hat for his tune ‘Heaven’ to ‘Faithfully.’ and One Direction did the same but of course then […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain On New Journey Music or Retirement

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE With all the rumors from the White house thing between Neal Schon and the other member of Journey I asked Jonathan Cain if there was clock ticking for Journey? From the reaction online Journey still seems very plugged in to the fans. You seem to […]

Who Are We? Rock History Music – Trailer With John Beaudin

First off thanks everyone for all the support. Rock History Music has been sharing exclusive interviews and breaking music news for the past 2 1/2 years. In that time we earned 5.3 Million views on YouTube and 20,539 subscribers. Remember every interview you hear on Rock History Music is exclusive […]

Jonathan Cain Of Journey – Love For His Dad and Bruce Springsteen (Interview #9)

INTERVIEW CLIP #9 Jonathan’s Cain Love & Respect For His Dad & Bruce Springsteen In part nine of our conversation with Journey’s Jonathan Cain we asked about his love for Bruce Springsteen who he emulated in the early part of his career. Springsteen talked about his dad in his book. […]

INTERVIEW: Jonanthan Cain on Steve Perry Leaving Journey & Rock Hall Of Fame

When he knew for Sure Steve Perry Would Not Sing At RRHOF We asked Jonathan Cain, “When did you know Steve was not going to sing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? You address in the book that day that Steve Perry brought you and Neal Schon by […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain Was Nervous Some Journey Fans Would Not Accept Arnel Pineda

Interview Clip # 7 Jonathan Cain Was Nervous Some Journey Fans would not accept Arnel Pineda Jeff Coffey who was with Chicago for under two years told me about one fan that gave him the finger when she figured out he was not Jason Scheff. You addressed the fact that […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain – How Journey Followed Up Their Biggest Album “Escape” With “Frontiers”

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain – How Journey Followed Up “Escape” with “Frontiers” The Greatest Hits album has sold well over 20 Million worldwide but the big studio album was of courser “Escape” (so far it has sold 12.2 million worldwide) Cain’s first with the band. We asked him about the transition […]

INTERVIEW: Jonathan Cain Much Happier In Journey Without The Drama

Jonathan Cain says he enjoys the vibe in Journey much more now that he and Neal Schon have ironed things out after their spat concerning rest of the band visiting Trump at the White House. Also we asked Cain about that creative push-and-pull/yin-yang between him and Schon. One of our […]