Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty Reacts To All the Rock & Roll Deaths

He was one of my favorite singers in the 70s. Ex-Nazareth singer Dan McCafferty talks about how he looks at all the deaths in Rock. #Nazareth. #DanMcCafferty. #RockHistoryMusic Check out Dan’s site to order the new album The official Nazareth site HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR […]

Steve Lukather: All the Deaths In Rock Have Hurt – Interview #15

Check out the video below (16) Toto’s Steve Lukather Says All The Rock Deaths have Changed His Perspective on Live In 2016 we felt like we were doing an tribute/obituary at least once a week. And the two years since haven’t been much better. Steve Lukather and I talked about […]

Do All The Deaths In Music Scare Ex-Genesis Guitarist Anthony Phillips

It’s been a very sobering situation in Rock and Pop music in the last few years with so many of our heroes dying. It’s certainly a lesson in mortality. I asked Phillips if it’s getting him a little nervous? CLIP Phillips has just released a remastered 2-disc deluxe edition of […]