Why Fee Waybill Rejoined The Tubes – Interview

July 24, 2022 – Like most bands the Tubes had their fair share of hills and valleys. The heavy stuff for lead singer Fee Waybill and the boys was following the two David Foster produced albums, “The Completion Backwards Principle” from 1981 and “Outside Inside” two years later. Check out […]

He Felt Like Chicago’s Peter Cetera, Tubes’ Fee Waybill On David Foster Years

It’s not everyday that an artist can work with such a talented musician/producer as David Foster. for the last few decades it seemed everything he touched went gold – or platinum. When the Tubes got their chance the result were two hit albums, “The Completion Backward Principle” from 1981 and […]

Peter Cetera On David Foster Rejected Tunes From Chicago 16 – Interview #7

Foster might have been criticized for bringing Chicago more into a David Foster band but that first album he produced, “Chicago 16,” in 1982 reached #9 on the Billboard chart. Other than it’s follow up, “Chicago 17” two years later (also produced by Foster) which peaked at #4 it was […]