Former Chicago Lead Singer Bill Champlin Shares Info On Health Scare From Last Year

Bill Champlin Shares Info On Health Scares From Last Year Most lovers of Classic Rock are getting to an age where anything can break down. Now, think about our heroes who easily have 10-20 years on us. Former Chicago singer Bill Champlin had his own scare last year which led […]

INTERVIEW – Would Bill Champlin Ever Rejoin Chicago? We Had to Ask

If you watched the CNN Chicago Documentary you may have noticed the friction around former member Bill Champlin and the band. This is Rock History Music’s third interview with the singer so we thought we’d ask…Any chance of ever rejoining that band? HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE […]

Lost Interview: Peter Cetera On The Chicago Songs He’s Most Proud Of

On part six of our lost interview with the former lead singer of Chicago we want to share an honest clip of a guy who is asked over and over again his former band when really he just wants to move forward CLIP But he did share what Chicago songs […]