Hal Blaine Greatest Hits – The Songs That Reached #1 – Our Tribute

We lost one of the greatest drummers of all time today. Here are the songs he played on that reached #1 on the Billboard charts. 1 hits “Johnny Angel” – Shelley Fabares (03/03/62) “He’s a Rebel” – The Crystals (10/06/62) “Surf City” – Jan & Dean (06/22/63) “I Get Around” […]

Jimi Hendrix “Didn’t Have Hits” Says The Strokes Julian Casablancas

In a new Vulture Interview the lead singer of the Strokes, who is now ready to release his second album with the group The Voids, seems lacking in music history. Casablancas, who is known for mumbling during interviews being quite liberal when it comes to pregnant pausing and mumbling during […]

Top 25 April Wine Songs Of All Time – Poll Results From Fans

One of the most successful, enduring, Canadian bands of all time. Led by Myles Goodwyn, the group always had multiple personalities. They were a rock band that could produce some of he most gorgeous love ballads but they were never a ‘one-trick-pony’ on so many levels their flip of the […]