The Top 10 James Ingram Radio Hits – Tribute by John Beaudin

The Top 10 James Ingram Radio Hits We lost James Ingram and he was only 66. Lets take a look at his top 10 radio hits (10) (#58 on charts) “There’s No Easy Way” but was #14 R&B hit and peaked at #7 on the U.S. AC Charts (9) (#45 […]

Bay City Rollers Bassist Alan Longmuir Dead at 70 – We Look Back

He was certainly part of a phenomenon in the 70’s. They were not exactly a rockers delight but it was hard to ignore Scotland’s Bay City Rollers in 1975-76 in North American and even earlier in the U.K. It was actually Alan Longmuir who formed the Bay City Rollers with […]

The Best Versions Of Your Favorite Christmas Classic Songs

Christmas the season when we try to make good on all the crap that happened in the last year. It’s also a hint that we live in the upside down world for at least a month when you consider fans who hate elevator music will dig the Ray Conniff singers […]