Neal Schon Calls Steve Perry “A Once-In-a-Lifetime Singer”

Ed Masley of released a great interview with Journey’s Neal Schon today. (We will have links to it in the description of this video)

First off Schon talks about the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction and how he went totally off script because his old band-mate Steve Perry came up to him on stage and gave him a big hug. He spent a few days writing his speech but completely forgot about it when Perry approached him.

As we’ve heard Schon dedicated their 1977 tune ‘Lights” that he and Perry wrote to Perry every night. Schon has the same feeling most fans have about Perry coming back with his ‘Traces” album – his first in 24 years. He said, “I’m as happy as everybody else to hear his voice again, And I’m glad to see that he’s found the passion again that he once had for music because everyone has clearly missed him. I know I have. Steve and Aretha Franklin have always been my favorite singers. There’s a lot of other great singers in their own right. But once in a lifetime, I think, that you find someone that’s able to do things like Aretha and Steve. So I’m glad to see him back and I’m hoping he stays with it as he sounds really excited about his career again.”

Even though Steve Perry in his recent interviews has said that a reunion for him and Journey would not be in the card Schon says he knows fans pray for it and his always open to it.

After their current tour (which has over a dozen shows to go) Schon says the band will take a year of and he’s finishing up a solo album with Narada Michael Walden which he describes as “bluesy, orchestral, classical, R&B and some fusion mixed in.” We will let you know when we have more details.

Steve Perry’s new album ‘Traces” will be out October 5th.

Check Out the Interview with Ed Masley from AZCentral here


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