The Ultimate April Wine Poll – Pick Your Top 25 songs


010_1979_HDAnyone growing up in the 70’s in Canada experienced a good serving of this band. They were constantly charting from their very first “Fast Train” in 1971 until “Voice in my Heart” in 1993. After all these years April Wine is still going strong with original lead singer Myles Goodwyn.

They have always been my favorite Canadian band and it’s time to salute them with our special poll. We have listed all the studio tunes on a list including a few that were only released live. That’s 171 songs including their first of three U.S., hits “You Could Have Been a Lady”..maybe you liked the huge “Stand Back” album which had 4 hits and let’s not forget “Nature of the Beast”…just when you thought the band couldn’t get any bigger…came this gem.

April Wine has had 16 studio albums and 21 Top 40 hits. You choose your favorite by simply clicking on the songs.

Remember our Ultimate Elton John from the 70’s poll is winding down. You only have a few more days to vote and a few weeks left in our Ultimate Genesis, Toto and Supertramp polls. Just click on this channels videos. The link to voting is in the description of this video…just like the April Wine Poll.

So vote. We will present a special video with the results in a few weeks honoring each of the songs that you picked! – by John Beaudin

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