He was the guy who played the drums on the first two Boston albums. Last night Hashian was on stage with another former band mate from that group Barry Goudreau, who was also on those first two LP’s, when the drummer collapsed in the middle of their set and died. CPR was performed and a defibrillator was used to no avail.

The pair were on the “Legends of Rock Cruise” in the Western Caribbean to play Boston’s greatest hits

He was born John Thomas ‘Sib’ Hashian on August 17, 1949. The Armenian/Italian-American actually replaced Boston’s original drummer Jim Masdea at the record companies request for their debut. Hashian played on most of their big hits “More Than A Feeling,””Long Time” and “Peace of Mind” from the debut album released August 25th, 1976 their sophomore album “Don’t Look Back” from August 2nd, 1978 featuring the title tune “A Man I’ll Never Be” and “Feelin’ Satisfied.”

Hashian was involved in the early stage of next album “Third Stage” until Masdea came back into the fold after Boston won a legal battle with Epic Records, Scholz switched his band’s recording label to MCA. The legal fight with the labels had nothing to do with Hashian.

Sib is survived by his wife Suzanne, his son Adam, daughters Aja and Lauren Hashian. He has several grandchildren. His daughter Lauren  has been with Dwayne Johnson since 2007

I was 16 when I first turned that album cover around to read the liner notes urging me to “Listen to the record.” There was Sib with that huge afro standing in between leader Tom Scholz and lead singer Brad Delp who we lost to suicide on March 9, 2007. Hashian’s wreck room was filled with gold albums from the first three Boston projects. He was proud of his work, not so happy with how it ended. After leaving he sued Scholz and received an out of court settlement.

Hashian would say in later years that the drums were mixed too low on that first album which has sold over 17 million copies. Being a drummer I never noticed that but Sib was the expert here.

He had a huge part in the history of Rock and Roll and he died playing those Boston tunes. – by John Beaudin

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