Interview Clip #5 Alan White Says That Yes/Led Zeppelin Rivalry Was Real

Three years ago I talked to Steve Howe’s son Dylan about his David Bowie project ‘Subterranean’ and lets remember Dylan has known Alan White his whole life and filled in with Yes recently when White was having some medical problem. During that chat I asked him about his drumming influences and he mentioned that he didn’t and/or couldn’t play Zeppelin in the house because of that rivalry. Take a listen and then we’ll chat with Alan. We then asked Alan about that famous Yes/Zeppelin rivalry.

It’s a well known fact that Prog music fans are different. They seem to pay more attention to the music they listen and are extra vocal (sometimes) about their opinions. We asked White about that. Go to for ore details

Yes are celebrating 50 years with a few special guests on the tour including keyboardist Tony Kaye. Go to for ore details – by John Beaudin