I wonder if someone asked that original trio Mark Farner, Don Brewer and Mel Schacher and later Craig Frost if they’d done everything there was to do in Rock and Roll…the good and the bad if they’d even have to look at that list. This is part two of a twelve part series featuring our exclusive interviews with Mark and Don that we just did a few weeks ago.

There’s been tragedies in this band. There was a legal battle with their first manager Terry Knight and tax problems and, of course, band problems. Farner says he was tricked out of the band by the other two guys.

Like that song “Rock and Roll Soul” from their sixth album, “Phoenix” their first without Knight Grand Funk Railroad managed to create their own brand of Rock and Soul. I asked Mark Farner if that was conscious? (Clip MF14A)

Grand Funk connected quick in the early 70’s. I asked drummer Don Brewer how his family reacted?

(Clip DB002)

I talked to Mark Farner a few weeks after Don Brewer and asked at what point did he know, for sure, that this was working. (Clip MF002)

We will have more from our interviews with Mark Farner and Don Brewer next Saturday. – by John Beaudin



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