When one has a chance to witness something good it’s easy to remember. Singer/Songwriter has had his share of success and met and worked with some heavy hitters like Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed and Phil Collins but he says Billy Joel was the best musician he’s ever met.

#4 – INTERVIEW – Elliott Murphy: “Billy Joel Is The Best Musician I Ever Met”

There is a cool documentary called “The Second Act of Elliott Murphy (there will be links to it in the description of this video) It helped me get re-aquainted with a musician I really appreciated as a teen. In the 70’s I feel in love with his words and that voice. He’s a New Yorker like his old friend Billy Joel…he loved to talk about Billy.

At one point Elliott Murphy actually left music and got into law?

For info on go to http://elliottmurphy.com

You can buy the documentary The Second Act Of Elliott Murphy on his website or stream it from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Second-Act-Elliott-Murphy/dp/B079P59FYW/