Gentle Giant’s Derek Shulman On The Mentality of Prog Music Fans

Are Prog fans a little different? They certainly seem more passionate about their music. John Beaudin asked Derek Shulman, former lead vocalist of Gentle Giant, about the mindset of Prog fans. Prog fans don’t like the music they play, they devour it. There’s nothing fair-weather about a true Prog fan. […]

Phil Collins Says Genesis Reunion Could Happen With His Son On Drums

Here is another olive branch from the Phil Collins. The singer and former drummer says he’s open to another Genesis Reunion but only if his son Nic plays drums. Last summer, when Nic was 16, the other two guys in Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist Mike Rutherford checked out […]

Here’s What I Really Did In My Bedroom In High School – Rock Wall

Privacy is important to any teenager. In the 1970’s I had the pleasure of growing up in the small town of Newcastle (now called Miramichi) New Brunswick. At night I would listen to great New York AM radio stations like WPTR in Albany and WKBW in Buffalo dreaming of someday […]

Lenny Zakatek Wants To Play With Alan Parsons Again (INTERVIEW #5)

INTERVIEW #5 – Lenny Zakatek Wants To Play With Alan Parsons Again The main singer in the Alan Parsons Project was Parsons’ musical partner Eric Woolfson but right behind him was Lenny Zakatek. Here is the rundown Woolfson sang 17 lead vocals, Zakatek 12, John Miles 9 and Chris Rainbow […]

The Police’s Stewart Copeland Says Rush Didn’t Bite Concerning Feud

Stewart Copeland Says Rush Didn’t Bite Concerning Band Feud Dave Lifton just wrote an interesting story about the Police trying to get attention by criticizing Rush during their early days. Police drummer Stewart Copeland is on HDNET this week hosting “Classic Rock Week” and and showing many documentaries on Allman […]

Who Are We? Rock History Music – Trailer With John Beaudin

First off thanks everyone for all the support. Rock History Music has been sharing exclusive interviews and breaking music news for the past 2 1/2 years. In that time we earned 5.3 Million views on YouTube and 20,539 subscribers. Remember every interview you hear on Rock History Music is exclusive […]

Interview #2 – Lenny Zakatek Didn’t Get Much Direction From Alan Parsons

Interview #2 – Lenny Zakatek Didn’t Get Much Direction From Alan Parsons Lenny Zakatek was with the Alan Parsons Project from their second album ‘I Robot’ from 1977 until their 10th ‘Gaudi’ from 1987. He lead vocals on 12 tunes from the band. The Alan Parsons Project were famous for […]

Lenny Zakatek Talks Alan Parsons Project & ‘I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You’ – That First Gig At Abbey Road Studios

INTERVIEW #1 – The Story Behind Alan Parsons Project I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You This is part one of our exclusive interview with former Alan Parsons project lead singer Lenny Zakatek. Next to Alan Parsons’ partner Eric Woolfson who sang on 17 of the bands songs Zakatek was […]