The Spoons’ Sandy Horne on dealing with fame – Interview

March 25, 2022 – The spoons came out of the gate in Canada with lots of buzz. Their first single release from the debut “Arias & Symphonies produced three Canadian hits in 1982 – “Nova Heart”, The title tune, and “Smilling in Winter.” The Spoons biggest single would follow on […]

Econoline Crush Guitarist David “Ziggy’ Sigmund Has Died

Econoline Crush guitarist David “Ziggy” Sigmund has died. There are no details on his death but many friends and musicians has left condolences on social media. He was a member of the Vancouver group Slow shortly after the band got together and recently was part of their reunion. In 1997 […]

5 Crazy Things That Rockers Did – Part One

March 3, 2022 – Rock stars doing nutty things is nothing new. Anyone who say the movie Amadeus, loosely based on the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, will get an inkling that music makers, even classical one, can sometimes go berserk. Check out the video for 5 such instances in […]

Sarah Polley Recounts Alleged Sexual Encounter with Jian Ghomeshi In New Book

March 2, 2022 – Actress, writer, director and producer Sarah Polley dropped a bombshell yesterday during an interview with the CBC, She alleged that former Moxy Früvous lead singer and network radio host Jian Ghomeshi had made unwanted sexual advances towards her with Polley was only 16. At the time […]