Dr John, New Orleans Music Legend, Dead at 77

Another Iconic musician has died. June 6, 2019 – A family statement today read, “Dr. John, who was born Mac Rebennack, died early Thursday (June 6) of a heart attack.” He was born New Orleans and his moved covered much ground as he grew up Jazz, R&B, Rock and Roll, […]

interview: Alan Parsons Is Not Happy With Ex-Project Band Members

June 5, 2019 – Former members of the Alan Parsons project have just created their own band that was called “The Project – The Original Alan Parsons Project Bans” featuring arranger conductor Andrew Powell, saxophonist, and keyboardist Richard Cottle, drummer Stuart Elliott, keyboardist, and guitarist Dave Bainbridge, vocalist Lenny Zakatek […]

Uli Jon Roth Is a Huge Beatles Fan but Not a Fan of Everything They Did

Interview Clip #7- Uli Jon Roth Is a Beatles Fan but Not a Fan of Everything They Did June 6, 2019 – There this thing that many music fans say that the Beatles Helter Skelter was the first Metal song and some assume that every hard rocker would like that […]