Eddie Money: How He Feels About Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

INTERVIEW #3 – Is Eddie Money Waiting For The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? This is part three of a seven part series on our conversation with Eddie Money. Just mention the Rock and Roll hall of fame to some people and let the arguments begin. It’s a polarizing […]

INTERVIEW Jim Messina: How They Built The Band Poco In 1968

INTERVIEW #3 : Jim Messina – How they Built The Band Poco Jim Messina formed Poco with fellow Buffalo Springfield bandmate Richie Furay and Rusty Young, who guested on the last Springfield album. The band was a clear answer to the growing influence of Country/Rock. I asked Jim Messina about […]

The Real Story Behind “Kung Fu Fighting” 1970’s Novelty Song By Carl Douglas – Interview #4 Lenny Zakatek

INTERVIEW #4 – Lenny Zakatek On How The Tune “Kung Fu Fighting” Was Created The degrees of separation in music are amazing. First I’m talking to former Alan Parsons Project lead singer Lenny Zakatek about the tunes he played in that band and then the subject moves to him opening […]

INTERVIEW – How Grand Funk’s Don Brewer Met ‘Some Kind Of Wonderful’ Writer John Ellison

A few months ago Don and Mel of Grand Funk finally met the guy who wrote one of their biggest hits “Some Kind of Wonderful” John Ellison who sang it in his band Soul Brothers Six in 1967. Here’s Don Brewer. HELP SUPPORT ROCK HISTORY MUSIC..CHECK OUT OUR STORE FOR […]

INTERVIEW #3 – Lenny Zakatek On His Ill fated Project With Queen’s John Deacon

Interview #3 – Lenny Zakatek Talks About His Ill fated Project With Queen’s John Deacon Lenny Zakatek was the second most used singer from the entire career from the Alan Parsons Project. He sang ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You’ from ‘I Robot’ in 1977, ‘Damned If I Do’ […]

Former Chicago Lead Singer Bill Champlin Shares Info On Health Scare From Last Year

Bill Champlin Shares Info On Health Scares From Last Year Most lovers of Classic Rock are getting to an age where anything can break down. Now, think about our heroes who easily have 10-20 years on us. Former Chicago singer Bill Champlin had his own scare last year which led […]

INTERVIEW – Jonathan Cain On Prince Borrowing From ‘Faithfully’ For ‘Purple Rain’

INERVIEW CLIP #11 – That Time That Prince Might Have Borrowed Too Much From Faithfully The tune Faithfully has made the rounds, Bryan Adams once said that there was a tip of the hat for his tune ‘Heaven’ to ‘Faithfully.’ and One Direction did the same but of course then […]

INTERVIEW – Grand Funk’s Mark Farner On His Biggest Vocal Influence Howard Tate

INTERVIEW – Grand Funk Influences We Ask Mark Farner & Don Brewer This is the last part of our 12 part series on Grand Funk Railroad. I had the pleasure of talking to both singers in the band. First drummer Don Brewer who now leads the group and former lead […]

INTERVIEW: Jim Messina On Going From Buffalo Springfield to Poco

Jim Messina Remembers The Switch from Buffalo Springfield to Poco Jim Messina is no ordinary musicians in fact being an artist is just part of what he does. He picked up the guitar at five, worked hard on his craft and by his teens he caught the bug to produce […]