Month: February 2017

Bobby Kimball Shows Some Love To His Former Band Toto & Chats on That Steve Lukather Meeting At NAMM @TheBobbyKimball

Bobby Kimball Gives His Side the NAMM Steve Lukather Meeting. The former lead singer of Toto gives his former guitarist nothing but love. John Beaudin has been in major market radio (Edmonton, Vancouver & Calgary) for 33 years and a music journalist since 1989. He graduated from Broadcasting school as a news man so he would have the skills to write about the artists that inspired him since he bought his first album, “Madman Across The Water” by Elton John as a teen. In the 80’s Beaudin was the host of the syndicated radio show “The Cross Canada Report”...

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Moody Blues Announce ‘Days of Future Passed’ 50th Anniversary Tour

Moody Blues Announce ‘Days of Future Passed’ 50th Anniversary Tour It was a non stop cosmic journey that was driven by a warming cloud of the London Festival Orchestra conducted by Peter Knight who we lost in 1985. It was Knight who wrote that gorgeous ominous symphonic opening “The Day Begins” setting the stage for Mike Pinder narration on “Morning Glory.” Cold hearted orb that rules the night, removes the colours from our sight. Get ready for a big U.S. tour where the Moody Blues will play all their hits in the first half of the show and then...

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Timothy B Schmit Tried To Avoid The Drama in the Eagles

The Eagles’ Timothy B Schmit Tried To Avoid The Drama in the Eagles The bassist told the Telegraph he feels exactly like we all do when it come to all those Rock-Gods dying, saying, “It seems like people are just dropping off the Earth, I suppose that happens when you get older. It’s part of life. No one’s getting out of it.” As for Glenn Frey dying? The 69-year-old former Eagles singer said he had no idea how sick he was saying, “He went into hospital… and didn’t come back.” Frey died on January 18, 2016, aged 67. On...

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David Cassidy Says He Is Battling Dementia: Set for Dr. Phil

We are starting to lose Keith Partridge – his famous character in 1970’s series the Partridge family. The actor/singer is fighting the debilitating memory loss disease. The 66-year-old actor watched his grandfather battle the disease as well as his mother who died at 89. He told People magazine,“I was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming.” He remembers his mother not recognizing him during visits and tearing up every time. That was his biggest fear for his own future. The singer was just caught slurring his words and falling off stage and has had...

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Geoff Downes On Losing Prog Friends & Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

It’s been a rough few years in Prog Rock. Yes bassist Chris Squire died in the summer of 2015, both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake and Palmer passed in 2016 and King Crimson and Asia’s John Wetton died just last month. Downes shared the spotlight with Wetton as members of Asia and the group was all lined up to tour this year until the singer had to bow out because of health concerns only to pass a few weeks later. Downes told the Sun-Herald, “I was very, very saddened by that. It’s a big blur. I...

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