Month: September 2016

Andy Summers Says ‘Every Breath You Take’ Was Crap Until He Got To It

Eamon O’Neill of Eon Music had an exclusive chat with the ex-police guitarist at the Progressive Music Awards in London a few weeks ago where he picked up the ‘Guiding Light’ Award. Let’s remember “Every Breath You Take” is one of the most played songs of all time. There’s probably 100-500 radio stations around the world playing the tune right now. Summers confirmed all the reports of the tensions between him and Sting and drummer Stewart Copeland back in 1983 during the recording of their biggest and their last studio album, “Synchronicity.” The guitarist says, “All the interaction between...

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Kansas Releases First Album in 16 Years “The Prelude Implicit” @KansasBand

Kansas Releases First Album in 16 Years “The Prelude Implicit” It’s been 40 years since the band released their famous “Leftoverture” with “Carry On Wayward Son.” It went five times platinum and it’s follow-up “Point of Know Return,” with the hit, “Dust in the Wind,” from the following year went four times platinum. Many things have changed since then. All but two of the guys on those two albums are gone including both vocalists Steve Walsh, who retired from Kansas in 2014, and violinist Robby Steinhardt but drummer Phil Ehart and guitarist Rich Williams are still in the fold...

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Donald Trump: No Debate On How Many Musicians Hate Him #MusiciansAgainstTrump

All Musicians Love Donald Trump….NOT Instead of giving you a long list of musicians who hate Trump maybe it would be easier to name those who do support him like Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. Mr Catch Scratch Fever said early this year that “Donald Trump is as close to Ted Nugent as you are going to get in politics,” and the Rhodes Scholar, Kid Rock told Rolling Stone magazine he is, “digging Trump” and that we should “let the motherf&#ng business guy run it like a f&$#%g business.” Now to the good stuff. This week Barbra Streisand said,...

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Robbie Williams Mocked Jimmy Page During His Gig in London

Robbie Williams Mocked Jimmy Page during his gig in London Last Night The thing about having a neighbor from hell is, things always get worse before they get better. Williams was stirring the pot last night during his performance at the Apple Music Festival. The crowd heard the opening bar of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ kicked in, Robbie said: “This one is for my next door neighbor.” Then he sang “I’m gonna dig a big hole… And fill it full of s**t” before launching into his own song ‘Kids.’ The pair live next door to each other in...

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Steve Lukather Announces Toto’s 2017 World Tour & New Sony CD @stevelukather @toto99com

Steve Lukather Announces Toto’s 2017 World Tour and New Sony Album It’s a good day for Toto fans as Luke’s announcement makes it clear the band has no plans to quit any time soon. The guitarist, who’s scheduled to get back on the road with Ringo Starr’s All Star Band in October, announced on his website plans for Toto’s tour next year of Europe and the US. With a spiced up set list with some fresh new-old music. Luke said, “It’s a year off so please don’t start asking for 1000 song requests. We have a long time to...

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