Month: June 2015

James Taylor – Before This World REVIEW by John Beaudin

  James Taylor – Before This World – Concord Records June 16, 2015 – I’ve often wondered if James Taylor was the type of guy to ask for directions? He does seem shy with a quiet humbleness about his nature but then again how many people can invite 20 thousand friends to sing along with them night after night? Maybe he’d use it as an excuse to hear a new story? Being a child of the seventies I rode shotgun with his take on things from sunshine to illness all the while delivered with that warm timbre in his...

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REVIEW Mumford and Sons “Wilder Mind” by John Beaudin

  Mumford and Sons – Wilder Mind – by John Beaudin June 1, 2015 – There’s been questions on whether Mumford and Sons were re-creating the folk-rock genre in 2009 with their debut, ‘Sign No More’ or simply jumping on it. My first impression was that I kind of believed Marcus Mumford and the boys from the get-go. Maybe they built it or were just riding the train. One thing’s for sure that first album was a sleeper – it took 72 weeks to peak at #2 on Billboard. If something good was going on it sure took time...

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