Month: November 2014

11-Year-Old Chase Edwards-Beaudin Drum Cover of “Spider Fingers” by Bruce Hornsby

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE DRUM COVER ON CHASE’S SITE This music (Spider Fingers) is not owned by me. It is the property of Bruce Hornsby. From his 1995 album “Hot House’This is meant to be a tribute to Bruce and his former drummer John Molo.Check out Bruce here… Bruce’s current drummer is Sonny Emory (who I met last year..check out the picture behind me playing) Thanks to Bruce for saying this on his Facebook page “Chase- I love your drum performance on “Spider Fingers”. You totally copped the very complex, involved drum arrangement, which is...

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Classic Interview with the Late Great Jim Clench of April Wine and BTO

When I heard that Jim Clench had passed away I immediately went to my basement to find one of my favourite April Wine albums, “Electric Jewels.” More than any other LP from the group, this one really showcased his talents at such an important time in their incarnation. The second thing I did was dig up an old interview I did with the band from May 27, 2000. I spoke to leader and lead singer/guitarist Myles Goodwyn, guitarist Brian Greenway, then drummer Jerry Mercer and Clench. Clench and I talked for almost an hour about his Rock’n Roll journey,...

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